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Project Contact Information: 

For any matters (including urgent matters), please contact:

Project email: info@dulacca-renewableenergy.com 

For media enquiries, please email: media.enquiries@res-group.com

Free phone: 1300 524 459


Dulacca Renewable Energy Pty Ltd

C/O RES Australia Pty Ltd
Suite 6.01, Level 6, 165 Walker Street
North Sydney
NSW 2060, Australia

Should you have any concerns or complaints with respect to the construction of the Dulacca Wind Farm project, please contact us via the above contact details. Please ensure to include your name, contact information, and a brief description of your concerns to facilitate our team responding to you. We commit to the timely investigation and response to any complaints received, aligned to our Complaint Investigation & Response Plan targets of:

  • An initial response to the complainant within 72 hours of the receipt of a complaint; 
  • Assigning a responsible person and investigating complaints within 7 business days of the receipt of a complaint; and
  • Providing a written response to the complainant within 10 business day of the outcome of the investigation.

Where a variation to these targets is required, e.g. in order to complete a more detailed investigation of a complaint, the variation to these target timeframes will be communicated to the complainant. 

Note: To reasonable facilitate our investigation in any complaints received, our team will be required to ask additional information in order to inform our investigation and response to the matters raised. 

Other Helpful Contacts:

National Wind Farm Commissioner: 

  • Free Phone: 1800 656 395
  • Email: aeic@aeic.gov.au 
  • Mail: PO Box 24434, Melbourne VIC 3001